Universal Century Buffer Course

[HorribleSubs] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE 0096 - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_02.59_[2016.04.07_00.03.22]

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 has kicked off this week and, surprisingly, there are actually people who never knew that Gundam Unicorn’s OVA even existed. So, to help those who haven’t already seen Gundam Unicorn, especially non-Gundam fans, I’ve decided to do a quick write up of the universe that Gundam Unicorn is a part of – that is, the granddaddy of Gundam universes: the Universal Century timeline.

This is aimed at people interested in the new Unicorn broadcast who (1) have never partaken in UC Gundam and are uninterested in watching 150+ episodes-worth of old anime, or (2) used to like Gundam and need a refresher course on what’s been going on. As a disclaimer, Unicorn is enjoyable enough without having no pretext, but it was made to cap off the main Universal Century story. That said, there are a lot of references and even important themes/plot points that you’ll miss out on.

Another disclaimer: I won’t be covering every aspect of the Universal Century because we’ll be here for days if I do. I’ll only cover plot that could come up or may be relevant in context while watching Unicorn, as well as central plot elements that make this guide understandable. This way,  I also won’t have to mention Quess from Char’s Counterattack at all.

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Analysis: Saekano Light Novel (Volumes 7-9, Girls’ Side 2)


The first season of the Saekano anime may not have gotten unanimous rave reviews, but I think it’s worth staying tuned for season 2 next year. The slow-moving, slapstick plot is deceptive, betrayed by its own charm: Things in the world of Blessing Software are crawling along, and development comes in increments. As we saw in Volume 7, however, the oddly complex characterizations in Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata are prone to random explosions, and these kinds of sudden developments are becoming more frequent and imminent as the new novels chug along.

This is where I unnecessarily analyze the plot of otaku trash.

(WARNING: Novel spoilers up to “Girls’ Side 2”, which is the most recent volume as of the creation of this post.)

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Hiking, and a short A7 adapted lens review


The view from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.

There’s nothing quite like hiking up a trail, regardless of how many other people are walking up and down with you. It’s difficult to find time for a little mother nature in Los Angeles, California, but there are some nice spots for more easy-going hikers, such as my friends and I.


Also, I’m out of shape, so this was an eye-opening experience that pushed the upper limits of my Fitbit’s heart rate sensor.

This is also going to serve as a review of the Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.7 adapted to the Sony A7, so if you’re interested in trying out the capabilities of adapted lenses on mirrorless bodies, here you go!

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Akihabara Expo CANCELLED


A little late on the news, but I feel that this information should be spread on any medium possible, as Akihabara Expo have failed to make any effort to notify its attendees, which is arguably more heinous than the alleged acts of its CEO leading up to this. If you are currently registered to attend Akihabara Expo in December, go straight to Paypal and file a dispute, and make absolutely sure to cancel your hotel reservations.

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FILM REVIEW: The Anthem of the Heart


The Anthem of the Heart -Beautiful Word Beautiful World-


Genre: Anime, Romance, Slice-of-Life


After inadvertently causing the end of her parents’ marriage, the chatty Jun Naruse is cursed by an egg fairy to never speak again. However, years later, she is selected to be a member of a committee at her high school, which aims to formulate ideas for a class performance. Hopelessly succumbed to her inability to speak without getting a stomachache, she quietly refuses responsibility. However, with the help of fellow committee member, Takumi Sakagami, she slowly begins to find her confidence and her voice.

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Shutter Finger


I started with my photography almost three years ago, armed with a Canon 1100D and a 75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens. If you could tell by my initial lens selection, I had no clue about the ins and outs of using a DSLR. I knew little of the exposure triangle, specific uses of certain focal lengths, the golden rule and triangle, and what kind of photography I even wanted to focus in. I still have my 1100D (though I ditched my 75-300/4-5.6 pretty quickly) and a pair of lenses that ended up being the sweet spot for me for longer than a year.

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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: 00 – 12 Final Impressions

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

saekano12-1Saekano is a charming harem-style comedy that combines a heaping helping of amusing meta-humor with a well-rounded cast. Despite its decent writing and good production quality, the show suffers from a distracting amount of the genre’s flaws that no amount of self-depreciating can remedy.

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