Shutter Finger


I started with my photography almost three years ago, armed with a Canon 1100D and a 75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens. If you could tell by my initial lens selection, I had no clue about the ins and outs of using a DSLR. I knew little of the exposure triangle, specific uses of certain focal lengths, the golden rule and triangle, and what kind of photography I even wanted to focus in. I still have my 1100D (though I ditched my 75-300/4-5.6 pretty quickly) and a pair of lenses that ended up being the sweet spot for me for longer than a year.

However, this week will be my last week with my 1100D since my Sony A7 will be coming in the mail.

I have a better sense of identity now. I’m most interested in street photography and portraiture. Because of my girlfriend’s awesome niche in cosplay, I’m grown even more fond of conventions, as it gives me another great excuse to get behind the lens. For me, there really isn’t much better of a feeling than shooting people up close (especially in eye-catching costumes).

The girlfriend as the scholarly phoenix.

The girlfriend as the scholarly phoenix.

My prowess at photography is a sore topic for me, and I claim no professionalism, even when doing some paid work here and there. I’m pretty book-smart when it comes to terms and concepts, but I’m trying to get the artistry in application. I’m slowly getting there though, and if I put enough time into it I have no doubt that I’ll make it to a confident pedestal.

What I know is that I enjoy photography. It’s perhaps my favorite hobby of all time. And boy, have I had a lot of hobbies in my younger years.


When I look at a shot that I took with my own machine and say to myself, “I like this a lot,” then I’m inundated in satisfaction. That feeling helped bring me through hard times – under mounting stress at work, in the midst of conflict with my family, and even on the brink of homelessness. Things are much better now.

That having been said, and now being able to purchase a new “toy”, I have little doubt that I’ll be doing this for a long, long time. Don’t hesitate to love what you do. Some things are less doable to some people than other things, but, if you can, do whatever makes you feel like you’re contributing something worthwhile to your world, whether that be visual arts, music, athletics, stamps – whatever floats your boat.

You never know when a meager interest can grow into something life-changing.



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